DentalBanc provides a way to offer financing to patients at a minimal cost to our office. I love the flexibility to design our own financing packages for patients. With other companies, I was paying huge fees and my patients were limited to 6 or 12 month financing only with restrictions on the amount that could be financed. Since using DentalBanc, I have had patients accept treatment that denied it in the past due to the restrictions of other financing companies. The DentalBanc team is friendly and professional and always willing to help. I could not be happier with DentalBanc and will continue to use it to increase my case acceptance; anytime I can get more “yeses” from my current patient population, my office wins!

Samantha Dean, Lehigh Oral and Maxillofacial Surge

ZACC - Zuelke Automated Credit Coach

ZACC will increase case starts!

Every year, doctors lose thousands of dollars due to financial policies that are not flexible enough to enable their patients to afford their services. This problem has become more severe over recent years due to the combination of higher fees, shorter treatment times, and our weakened economy.

What is it worth to your practice to know, for certain, that the patient you are speaking with is stable and has an outstanding credit history? With the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) you can know the financial risk presented by your patients and tailor payment options that help you earn more case acceptance.

Many patients – even those that are a low credit risk - do not have the financial means to pay in full, or to make huge down payments for medical or dental treatment. While outside patient financing is an option for some, most patients reject the thought of financing their care at a bank or finance company. Don’t allow your practice to lose a $5000 case, even temporarily, because the patient just had to repair the transmission in his car. ZACC will determine if the patient is financially stable and can be offered flexible payment options that fit his current budget and financial needs. ZACC will help increase case starts!

ZACC will reduce delinquency!

Every year, doctors lose thousands of dollars because high credit risk patients fail to pay for their treatment in a timely manner.

What is it worth to your practice to know, for certain, that the patient you are speaking with is not credit worthy and does not keep promises regarding money? With the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) you can take the steps necessary to protect your practice from high credit risk patients.

With today's economy, even practices who have enjoyed years of excellent cash flow are finding that more patients are paying late or not paying at all. Don't allow your practice to suffer financially because of one or two patients that refuse to pay on time. ZACC will identify those patients up front so you can handle finances in an appropriate manner. ZACC will help reduce delinquency!

For more information about our credit recommendations, click here. With ZACC you have the ability to check a patient's credit score and we return a letter grade report with payment plan recommendation in seconds.